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Injury Prevention with the Pose Method

Injury Prevention with the Pose Method

2 Seasons

This is a comprehensive look at the most common running injuries. This series breaks down the causes and types of pain along with treatment options for a fast recovery.

Injury Prevention with the Pose Method
  • Injury Prevention with the Pose Method - Series Overview

    Episode 1

    Injuries have plagued the running community for years. When you get injured, a fast recovery becomes your priority. Watch this video to see how this series is structured, giving you a roadmap for preventing injuries.

  • Inuries at a Glance

    Episode 2

    Before you worry about a specific injury you’ve got, It’s important to first establish a framework for understanding injuries so you can better predict when and how they happen.

  • Pain vs Injury

    Episode 3

    Many runners complain of pain, but don’t necessarily have an injury. Watch this video to learn about this important difference and how to approach pain versus an injury.

  • What can get hurt?

    Episode 4

    There are many unique tissues and parts in your body that can get injured. Watch this video to better understand exactly how those tissues can get hurt.

  • What causes injuries?

    Episode 5

    With a proper understanding of what tissues in your body can get injured, here is a brief look at what causes these body parts to be injured when running.

  • Initial Pain Evaluation

    Episode 6

    If you’re feeling pain, a visit to a medical professional may be necessary. For a better idea of how bad your injury is, go through this self evaluation, answering these six questions.