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Flexibility Routines for Runners

Flexibility Routines for Runners

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You're only as young as your joints are. This is one of the oldest Chinese proverbs. People of one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations have known this for centuries and had shared their wisdom with the rest of us. The proverb literally means that joints in bad condition will age the entire body and that in turn will age the person emotionally and mentally.

Flexibility to joints is a like air to your lungs. The moving joints of your body were meant to move and keep moving. Their natural path of movement is to bend, i.e. to flex. Some flex more than others. And that's ok, but if we limit our joints' opportunity to flex and move on regular basis then they will inevitably deteriorate. Luckily, regular and maybe even daily flexibility routines can help prevent this.

Here's a set of several flexibility routines that are simple and easy to follow. Whether you run or participate in any other athletic activity, doing these routines regularly will help you stay healthy and injury free.

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Flexibility Routines for Runners